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Stories from the foundation

Mr X is a Carer and a Consumer. Mr X is a 77 year-old man who cares for his partner (Mrs X) who is living with Schizophrenia and early onset Alzheimer. The carer came to respite because he was overwhelmed with situation at home. The carer said he felt trapped at home and could not get away from his partner and tends to go through phases, of over-caring and over compensating, and then feeling resentful towards the consumer. The carer was very hesitant to share his experiences with staff but with time staff were able to build rapport with him. Mr X recovery goals were to improve his health and have some time to reflect and relax. Staff supported Mrs X (Consumer) by keeping in touch with her over the phone and listening to her needs and concerns.

Staff encouraged the carer to attend a carer support group as he was feeling guilty and felt he was not doing his best to support the consumer. The support group helped the carer gain new perspectives from other carers and helped him understood and accepted he was not alone and it's okay to still make mistakes. Staff supported the carer by going through mindfulness techniques and distraction techniques and reassured the carer it is okay to need time to himself to break his own cycles of denial, anger and depression. Staff also referred the carer to see a counsellor and a dietician.
The carer was thankful to staff at Mark's Place for the support he received. Before discharge, the carer reports he felt better and he was able to refocus, relax and reflect on both his and the consumer recovery journey. Mr X has since become more involved with the local mental health community and has since stayed in and touch with the carers support group.