Mental Health Foundation  (ACT)’s Outreach team provides support services to individuals experiencing mental-health issues/concerns.

 These services include support coordination, mentoring, assistance in activities of daily living, psychosocial community participation and transport. Our Outreach staff are mobile, which means that services may be provided in the comfort of the participant’s home and/or at public locations.

The Outreach service adopts MHF’s Model of Care. Each participant is made to feel welcome and valued, and is treated with respect, dignity and understanding as a unique person; while their right to privacy and confidentiality in all aspects of their life is recognised and respected in the program. The service is based on the principle of participant choice and control, working towards the participant’s identified NDIS goals, and at a pace he/she is comfortable with. Rights and responsibilities of the participant are clearly outlined at the point of entry into the service.

MHF’s Outreach Team also works in partnership with the participant’s family and other support networks, when deemed necessary by the participant. These include medical professionals, other non-governmental organisations and government agencies. Depending on the participant’s mental-health circumstances, support services can be intensified if requested by the participant.

For further information on our Outreach services, please call 02 6282 6604 or email