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For nearly 40 years, Mental Health Foundation (ACT) (MHF) has been the leading provider of supports for people with psychosocial disabilities in the ACT.

We specialise in supporting you on your recovery journey from mental illness, with innovative Accommodation Supports.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Our Independent Living program allows you the freedom of choice about where you live in a group setting – it helps to lead the way to independence.

What is Supported Independent Living (SIL)?

Living in the community is often the goal of many people with a mental illness and SIL allows you the freedom of choice regarding where you live in a group setting. It helps to lead the way to independence.

You will live in homes throughout the community, in a shared house, and participate in society just as anyone else would. You are supported to receive necessary services in your home and community. This allows for more personal choices and for you to express yourself as an individual.

Supported Independent Living provides:

• Daily living skills
• Self-care
• Household management
• Financial management
• Social activities and recreation

Supported Independent Living is:

• Funded individually to each person according to their need
• Shared living arrangements of 2-3 participants
• Assistance with daily life tasks in a group or shared living environment
• Reflective of 24hour care, 7 days/week
• Three levels of support (at benchmark price)
• Cost of support does NOT include rent, board or lodging, day to day usual living expenses such as food and activities, personal care supports when the person is hospitalised, or items covered in other sections of NDIS price guide (e.g. assistive technology or transport costs)

You are encouraged to be involved in the development of the house rules and the employment of staff in your home.

Independent Living Options (ILO)

ILO is focused on working with you and your support team to consider your needs, preferences and design a flexible package of supports to live in your preferred location.
You can choose where you live, who you live with, services you want, time of day, frequency of support and the provider to support you to build your capacity to live a meaningful and fulfilled life.

Our accommodation team support you with a range of services including (but not limited to):

• Services are flexible and responsive to your needs, including 24 hours on-call emergency support.
• Equipping and empowering residents with daily living skills based on their needs and request.
• Managing social skills
• Support to engage in self-care, productivity and leisure.
• Tenancy support
• Coordination of supports
• Personal activities
• Household tasks
• Development of life skills
• Transport
• Community access support
• Support visits/calls
• Crisis support”

Short Term (Respite)

Our Short Term Accommodation Respite (STAR) / Medium-term accommodation houses provide residential respite care.

Our service is designed to be a ‘safe place’ for people to have a break from their usual living environment. It allows the participant to rest and recharge while focussing on short-term recovery goals. Our respite homes are located in Kambah and O’Connor

Our respite homes aim to provide:

• support you in your day to day living.
• a safe environment for you to participate in planning and decision-making processes that will enhance opportunities for your development.
• social activities, which will enable you to enhance your quality of life and participate more fully in their community.
• Support carers and care recipients transiting into NDIS.

Target Groups

Our respite service is designed for people with NDIS plans who are experiencing mental health concerns and need a break from their daily routines.

Our homes are staffed by experienced support staff who can assist with day-to-day living skills and recovery goals. Staff are able to provide 24-hour supervision and support negotiated at assessment.

We are not a crisis accommodation service, however we are able to provide transitional support to long term accommodation.

Our respite service is intended to complement other services for people with mental illness in the ACT and aims to work in co-operation with other services.

Admission Criteria

In order to access the respite homes, you must:

• be 18 years of age or over,
• have an NDIS plan approved, or have alternative funding, or be willing to work towards obtaining an NDIS funding,
• have or be transitioning towards long term or suitable accommodation’

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For further information on our respite accommodation, please get in touch via our website, call (02) 6282 6604 or email

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